Design Objective:
Create new uniforms for the Red Hawk eSports team that have competitor's information and space for sponsors. Propose a design for the arena with the 3D layout completed in Adobe Dimension. The team is also looking for marketing strategies and additional collateral.
Design Brief:
The uniforms are designed as a modular set with variations for home and away games. Outlining around the uniforms mimics the team's primary logo. A reduced eSports logo allows this iconic part to become a dominant element. Circuitry throughout the redesign ties everything together using repetition. The circuitry’s angle represents growing energy and guides the eye to the gamertag and name, placed for visibility during streaming. On the shirt’s back is the player's program of study. The sans-serif type mimics NASA’s former logo creating a connection with being tech savvy. It also balances and contrasts the logo's thicker serif. In the arena, lighting is crucial for competing; adjustable LED strips on the walls offers control of the lights and reduce glare. Adorning the walls are the circuitry graphics. A glowing, multi-dimensional acrylic sign of the eSports team’s logo and noise-reducing panels reside in the streaming corner. A modular trophy case representing a tri-level podium has acrylic numbers. The space has a vinyl wrapped vending machine and mini fridge. The fridge’s hydration bot is a nod to Twitch bots encouraging participants to hydrate. Chalkboard paint on the room’s column offers a place to record info and the TVs feature gaming console shelves. Vinyl flooring, styled to mimic other sports, forms a power symbol. Power symbols also signify 1 for "on"and 0 for "off". The symbol’s "on" half is in red and represents that the right side is for competitive gaming while the white "off" half focuses more on relaxation and socializing. Marketing strategies include a campus wide eSports marketing poster and portable banners for events and the arena. Another strategy is a multi-platform posting schedule. End users can also show team pride with collateral. Circuitry patterns, the logo, the robot, and color scheme unify the design. Prototype 3D printed keychains were created through Adobe software and Catawba Valley Community College resources.

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