Design Objective:
Develop a four-flavor label series for Catawba Farms new jun and kombucha line in two bottle sizes. Include a keg collar for each flavor and a carrying system for each size. Create additional collateral to help with marketing efforts for the jun and kombucha line.

Design Brief: 
Jun and kombucha are a unique blend of flavor, fizz, and scoby. The labels' colors symbolize each flavor and fizzes out at the top to mimic scoby and carbonation. Illustrative linework at the bottom of each label showcases ingredients in the bottle of jun or kombucha. Rounded label tops balance and imitate the illustration's curves. The linework shows continuation throughout the series by connecting the labels in a flowing ribbon. Repetition of scoby creates unity across the series. A serif primary typeface represents elegance and sophistication. The secondary sans-serif type creates contrast and hierarchy between the text. On the back, the upper text describes the flavor, while the lower text provides information about Catawba Farms, connecting consumers with the product. Each keg collar uses a label's colors and illustration to quickly identify a keg’s flavor. The carrying system has two parts. Part one secures the bottles and includes the scoby, Catawba Farm logo, and background on the farm. Part two is a reusable bag replicating part of the label's design and can be used as extra support for carryout purchases or for special promotions. Additional collateral includes yoga equipment, shirts, napkins, coasters, and cups. Because the jun and kombucha were requested by Catawba Farms yoga students, yoga mats and straps are designed match the flavors. The equipment can be used for the farm’s yoga classes or sold to customers. The shirts and tank tops come in multiple colors with the scoby design and Catawba Farms branding. The napkins and coasters resemble the keg collars but emphasize the company brand to provide subtle marketing efforts at Catawba Farms events. Drink coolers are perfect for those with busy schedules and etched Belgium glasses are for special occasions drinks.

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