Design Objective:
Using a known phrase, create a cinemagraph that could be used as an advertisement. The cinemagraph should have a single moving object and combine a series of images.
Design Brief:
The phrase for the cinemagraph is "Music is the Soundtrack of Your Life." The additional phrase "Listen Full Blast" creates a tagline for the advertisement. To create a sense of nostalgia and a vintage feeling, the type mimics Dymo labels. Black and orange labels mirror the record’s color.  The center of the scene has a record spinning on a record player. Around the record player are images of a woman progressing through her life with each image showing events where music is part of her life. The images start from her being a baby to her having a baby of her own. Not only does this show the progression of time, but it also works to capture a sense of nostalgia and represent hopes, dreams, and goals people commonly desire. Wrapping the images around the record aid in representing time progression as the eye moves in a continual line. Emphasis is placed on the spinning record and the images by making the background and the record player slightly out of focus. The images use warm hues as they are associated with happier colors. Warm hues are also associated with aging and memories, such as the concept of rose-tinted glasses and items yellowing with age. A vintage filter creates unity with the sense of aging and nostalgia.

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